Mesa County Foster Care

Two Paths to Foster in Colorado

Mesa County offers two paths to get certified to foster. The first is through the county and the second is to work with a county-approved private placement agency.

If you foster through your county, the children in your care will be right from your own community, which means they can stay in a familiar location and often go to the same school. You will be licensed for that county only.

Alternatively if you choose to work through a private child-placement agency (CPA), you can receive placements from multiple counties and will retain your license if you move to a different county.

The choice is different for many families for many reasons. Review this page. Attend a couple of information meetings and use the form below to connect with Colorado Kids Belong to receive additional information and resources.

1. Through Mesa County

First Step: Fill out their form to be contacted by a foster care worker.


Contact: Marilyn Robinson

**Project 1.27 is not a placing agency but works with Christians to provide pre-certification training.

2. Private Child Placing Agencies

Rebekah Lansdown at
(970) 275-3138

First step: Contact Rebekah Lansdown by email or phone to discuss meeting options

Krystle Miller at (303) 660-0277 Ext. 204 or Rachel Bates

First Step: Call or Email Krystle Miller for more information.

Jordyn Byers at (719) 283-1575

First Step: One-on-one consult with one of their highly trained licensing specialists

(888) 308-4006

First step: Fill out the inquiry form

We Offer Valuable Resources and Experienced Guidance To Help You Explore Fostering

Colorado Kids Belong is not a placing agency.

It is our goal to help recruit foster families across Colorado and help people find the right fit for them.

Contact our Recruitment Manager, Courtney Williams, for help determining which option might be best for your family:

Email Courtney