Want To Support Local Foster Families: Start A WRAP Program

Why Foster Families Need WRAP-Around Support

Foster care and adoption are not things to which everyone can yes, but we all have the opportunity to be a valuable source of encouragement and support to those who do.

Being available at a moment’s notice to accept a child (or siblings) into care requires a lot of flexibility. Foster
parents are often co-parenting with the foster child’s biological parents, communicating and visiting with
them to aid in successful reunification. In addition, foster parents add a new list of tasks to their already busy lives including check-ins with case workers, coordination with educators, medical appointments, etc.

Foster and adoptive parenting also requires a different approach to parenting. Kids in foster care and those who have experienced adoption need parents who understand and are equipped to help them heal from trauma and loss. A lot of time and intention must be given to gaining trust, building attachment, and providing a balance of nurture and structure to promote healing and help kids experience belonging.

How Wrap-Around Support Helps Foster Families

Your WRAP support gives foster and adoptive parents more time to invest in relationships with the children in their care and ensure they and other family members can stay healthy and energized for the long haul.

WRAP programs invite friends, neighbors and faith communities to come alongside kinship, foster and adoptive families and strengthens the families to continue standing in the gap for vulnerable kids.

Words of Encouragement
Acts of Services

Wrap Programs Show Up For Foster Families In Daily Life

Foster Friendly Faith Community - Service

South Dakotans come together as “wrap teams” across our state to show up for foster families to offer services and support that offer valuable support and relief to these “instant families.” 

Here are some examples of support provided by wrap teams to families in our community:

  • Home/car repair
  • Meal prep
  • Transportation of children to appointments/visits
  • Respite care
  • Mentorship
  • Grocery shopping/delivery
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Babysitting

Learn How To Wrap Around Foster Families In Your Neighborhood

Let us help you find a wrap team in your area or equip you to start a team to walk with foster families in your neighborhood.

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