Zachary E979

“My friends would say I’m a good friend to them and I’m kind and loving.”

Zachary is a happy young man who is lots of fun to be around. He is funny, enjoys laughing, and has lots of energy. Zachary is chatty, friendly, easy going, and enjoys being around other people. Zachary has a positive attitude and smiles easy.

Zachary enjoys being outside and enjoys going fishing. He also likes animals and being around them.

Zachary loves sports and his favorite football team is Tennessee and the New Orleans Saints. Zachary enjoys playing football and baseball. He is also creative and artistic and enjoys drawing. His favorite color is black because he says, “it matches everything.” It is important to Zach that his clothes match and that he looks nice. Zachary reports that his favorite foods are salad, lasagna, chocolate, eggs, pancakes, and broccoli.

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