Xavier “Jacob” F0285

“I would want my future to be a fun future, honestly, and also I would want my future to be a peaceful, harmony type thing.”

Xavier, who prefers to go by his middle name, Jacob, is a happy child that enjoys being with others, but he also likes to be alone sometimes, too. Jacob enjoys learning new things, and says he wants to learn about hunting, and how to play soccer. Jacob enjoys playing board games like Monopoly, and video games, and also enjoys playing with Legos and super heroes. Jacob likes Pizza and Takis. Jacob is an avid reader and enjoys books; he especially likes fantasy books.

Jacob needs a forever family who is patient, structured, and calm, who can be kind, and understanding to his needs, and who will spend time with him. Jacob does better around children who are not the same age, who are preferably older, but can be younger too, because he enjoys receiving a lot of attention.

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