Tyler F0082

What I want out of family….just to be kind and loyal.”

Tyler is an engaging and energetic youth. He has many interests and enjoys a wide variety of different activities. One of Tyler’s favorite things are Legos. He loves building from established Lego kits, and he also enjoys taking them apart and making up his own creations. He also enjoys Minecraft and other video games. Tyler generally enjoys a wide variety of activities that involve creativity and eye-hand coordination, such as other building toys and many arts and crafts.

Tyler enjoys interacting with both peers and adults, and fully participates in activities at his current placement. Tyler has recently been gifted with a small 3-D printer and enjoys learning to make/design new things on the printer. Tyler’s favorite movie is ‘Frozen’ and he loves everything related to ‘Frozen’. He recently enjoyed a ‘Frozen’ birthday cake as part of his special celebration. He also enjoys mermaids, summer camps and his after school Karate program, where he is currently a LIT (Leader In Training) to help provide support for younger children during the summer camp months.

Tyler really enjoys and seeks out adult attention. He would like to be the center of attention in a family, and to have the love and support of ‘forever’ parent(s). Tyler has overcome great challenges in his life up to this point, and wants a family that can love and support him through both the good times and the bad times. Tyler needs a family that can provide him with a high level of structure and support. He is full of energy, and he needs support in finding an outlet for his high activity level. He has the potential to fully thrive in a supportive environment. Are you the best family to help this energetic youth to grow and thrive?

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