Talen 7371

Talen is a sweet boy that just loves doing puzzles!

*Please Note: Only families living in Kansas will be considered at this time.

It’s no coincidence that Talen was photographed recently grinning in front of a completed jigsaw puzzle. The sweet boy just loves doing puzzles! Talen also enjoys coloring and playing Minecraft.

When he’s in a playful mood, tickling his armpits is sure to make him laugh! Talen likes animals, and he said he likes science because his class got to look at fish. Because of his love of animals, Talen thinks he might like to be a zookeeper when he grows up. Firefighting is another possibility.

Talen would like to join a family that will be patient with him and be willing to work with him. He would do best with a family that could advocate for his needs and help him reach his potential.

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