Serenity F0324

“Family means to me that no matter if you’re adopted or you’re in foster care, you’re still part of the family.”

Serenity is outgoing and has many interests that include both indoor and outdoor activities. She enjoys working with her hands to create a wide variety of arts and crafts. Serenity loves to go shopping at craft stores and to purchase things like markers, colored pencils, foam crafts, paper crafting and lots of ‘glitter’ to create works of art. Her 11th birthday party was a ‘crafting party’, and she loved planning the different activities. She loves more advanced coloring books and finds them calming when she struggles. She also loves active movement such as dancing and a wide range of music. Outside, Serenity enjoys jumping on a trampoline, running and playing yard games. Although she will occasionally play video games, her primary interests are things that she can create with and design. She has recently had a large dollhouse and enjoyed designing the spaces in the dollhouse and rearranging everything, as well as playing with the dolls by themselves.

Serenity can be very creative and engaging, with a dry and sarcastic sense of humor that is often more advanced than same age peers. She enjoys shopping for clothing and shoes and never seems to get enough of them. Her spaces are usually cluttered and full of the things that comfort her. She also uses a heavy blanket for comfort, and may need a space to be separate from a family, and yet still be part of whatever is going on in the home. Serenity has expressed that she wants a family and is open to a wide range of different kinds of families.

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