Nanni and Izzy

“Because me and Nanni have gone through everything together… I can always make her feel better.” – Izzy

Ezeriya (Izzy) is a very bright and bubbly ten year-old girl. She is in the fourth grade and likes school. Izzy loves animals. She likes to be outside and in nature. Izzy likes to hike as well. Izzy is a very sweet girl that is protective of her sister. She loves to talk and tell stories. Izzy would do best in a two-parent household.

Anevaeh (Nanni) is a spunky, laid back nine year-old girl. Nanni is in the fourth grade and enjoys school. Nanni likes to watch movies and TV shows. Nanni loves to sing. Nanni plays in the orchestra at school and enjoys that. Nanni likes spending time with her sister. Nanni would do best in a two-parent household.

*Families that are in South Dakota or nearby and/or families that are enrolled with a federally recognized Tribe will be given preference at this time*

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