Meet Michael "Isaiah"

This handsome young man is Isaiah, as he prefers to use his middle name. Isaiah is a very likeable youth. He has a great sense of humor and is a good conversationalist. Isiah struggles with his past experiences but is learning to deal with his feelings in a positive way. Isaiah loves to play video games. He also enjoys putting together Lego’s and is very capable of putting together entire sets in a very short time. Isaiah also loves to go outside and play and ride bicycles. Isaiah is a very talented youth. He likes to draw and paint. He is learning to play his electric guitar but says he’s not ready to play for others yet.

Isaiah is looking for a family to commit to him. He likes to learn but struggles to stay focused. He will need a family that will help him stay on task with his schoolwork. Isaiah will do better in a family that can provide him with a great deal of attention. He likes to know that others care about him, that he is important too. When Isaiah was asked what a family means his only comment was love. He also stated his greatest hope is to be adopted. If you are a family that is willing to commit to Isaiah and be there for him no matter what, please contact the KAPE program.

Are You Interested?

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