Mackenzie F0086

“My friends would say I’m kind, I’m pretty, I’m helpful.”

This beautiful smile belongs to Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a very creative and gifted young lady. She loves to draw and sing. She will often draw pictures and give them to those she cares about.

With giggles, she will also share that she likes to talk. She is capable of holding conversations with adults and peers.

Unfortunately, Mackenzie has experienced things in her young life that she continues to deal with. Mackenzie is a brave and strong minded young lady. Mackenzie is a bright girl who does well in school. She needs encouragement to stay on task because she gets bored and wants to do other things.

Mackenzie is looking for a family where she could be an only child. A family that can give her the attention she has not received in the past. She needs a family that is willing to commit to her because she has been disappointed in the past from words without actions. She would do best in a two parent home. She is open to families that live in the country or the city; she just wants a family that enjoys doing things with her.

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