Mackenzie F0086

“If I won a million dollars, I would buy…well, I wouldn’t really buy anything. I would give it to people who need it.”

This beautiful smile belongs to Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a very creative and gifted young lady, who LOVES to draw and sing. She will often draw pictures and give them to people she cares about. Mackenzie is bright, brave and strong minded, and she does well in school. With giggles, she will share with you that she likes to talk. She is a social butterfly, and a good conversationalist, with adults and peers. She really enjoys one on one attention and interacting with adults and caregivers.

Mackenzie is looking for a forever family who would enjoy doing things together with her as a family and who will provide her with lots of love. Mackenzie will do best in a family with older siblings so she can have lots of attention. Mackenzie will need to stay in Kentucky or close to Kentucky in surrounding states. If your family could be the forever family she is looking for please inquire today!

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