Lawrence “Lee” F0278

“I care about a lot of people and I like to know a lot of people, like their personality.”

Lawrence, or Lee as he prefers to be called, is an energetic young man. He likes to keep busy. His most favorite thing to do is play video games. There are times that he becomes so focused he does not hear the world around him. He also doesn’t like to lose while playing the games. He often has to be reminded that it is a game and that there are other things to do. When outside he likes to play basketball or football with his friends. Lee stated that his talent is in basketball.

Lee has good grades in school. He will need a family that will become an advocate for him when he struggles with the classwork. He is working on becoming his own advocate but becomes shy when he needs to speak up. Lee enjoys sweets. He has teased that he will do anything for candy. He also loves cheese pizza, french fries and carrots.

Lee is looking for a family that doesn’t have lots of other children that will take the attention away from him. He does well with younger children because he has been bullied by those older than him. He shared that he would like to be in a home with a dad and a caring mother. He is open to having two dads also. Lee said he likes to be outside so a family in the country would be nice. He likes the country only if it is still close to others. Most importantly Lee needs a family willing to commit to him and help him when he struggles, guide him when he needs advice and love him through everything.

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