Kristian F0099

“I would describe family as, like, we stick together, you know, we don’t give up on each other.”

Kristian enjoys being outdoors, hiking, going on adventures, and even working. He actually enjoys weed eating and mowing the yard. Given the opportunity to choose what he wants to do- he will pick being outside, fishing, riding dirt bikes, and 4-wheelers every time. Kristian is spunky, and up for anything. When it comes to chores, he would rather do outside work- lawn work, taking care of animals (he loves animals), cutting and stacking wood, and clearing out brush, etc… However, he is knowledgeable and capable of doing indoor chores, as well, such as making his bed, sweeping, mopping, doing dishes, taking out trash, etc…

When asked if he could pick anywhere in the world to go- he said Boston- to a get a real gold chain, because they have the best gold chains there, and to watch a basketball game of the Boston College Eagles. Kristian wants an active family, who likes to be outside a lot, and who likes to go places. Kristian likes to work on self-improvement and he is proud of himself for that. Kristian talks a lot about his maternal grandfather, who he loves and misses very much. Kristian has said he loves babies and animals. He would do best with parents who talk to him about things. He cares about his grandparents and keeps in contact through phone calls. He has said he would really like it if the family that chooses him would let him continue to talk with his grandfather and maybe even visit on occasion. He prefers to remain in KY or one of the surrounding states.

Academically, Kristian is currently in the 8th grade. He wants the opportunity to play sports- such as baseball, football, and basketball. Socially, he makes friends easily and is a likable kid, and is quick to laugh and smile. Kristian would be a blessing and a wonderful addition to a family.

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