Kaylee F0069

Kaylee’s favorite tree is the willow tree that is strong and beautiful like she is.

“I want someone who will stick through this journey with me and I’ll stick through it with you. I’m a survivor.”

Please meet Kaylee! Kaylee is friendly and bubbly once she gets to know you a little. She likes to color and likes playing on electronics (Mp3 players, phones, tablets). Kaylee says that she is good at writing stories and that she’s creative – which is true! She also enjoys singing and getting her nails done and “feeling fabulous”.

Kaylee is a thoughtful child and likes being there for people who need her the most. She says she would like to have siblings who are younger and that she would like to help them with their math homework if they needed it! Kaylee likes being helpful by doing chores and cleaning (but not her room!). Kaylee describes herself as courageous and funny. Dachshunds are her favorite dogs and she likes the color orange.

Kaylee’s favorite tree is the Willow tree and says she can relate to them because they are strong and beautiful like her. In the winter, Kaylee likes playing in the snow and says she would love to do that with her new family. She really enjoys helping decorate the Christmas tree, too. Kaylee enjoys swimming and says she has never been to the beach, but would like to go. She would also like to visit Australia someday.

Kaylee likes reading romance and action books, buying shoes, and shopping for other people. Kaylee says likes hanging out with friends and being goofy. Kaylee also likes food and enjoys baking and cooking steak.
Kaylee is honest and has said “sometimes I don’t get along with people but I’m working on it and getting better”. Adults who work with Kaylee say she does best with someone who could help her be insightful. Kaylee responds well to positive reinforcement. Kaylee says: “I want someone who will stick through this journey with me and I’ll stick through it with you. I’m a survivor”.

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