Jaysin F0385

“My favorite food is hamburgers and french fries. I love hamburgers and french fries!”

Jaysin is a quiet child, however, he has a lot to say about everything and is very opinionated. He currently uses American Sign Language to communicate and continues to improve his skills in that area every day. Even though he is deaf and mute, he still functions the same as every other kiddo his age.

He likes to play football and basketball. He likes to run track and ride his bike on a nice day. His favorite fast food meal is the #1 Big Mac meal from McDonalds. Recently, when he was asked what he would wish for if he had three wishes- he said hamburgers, french fries and ice-cream. His all-time favorite food though is spaghetti. He loves to be involved in activities both at school and at home. He currently participates in math activities and basketball at school. He would also like to participate in track and soccer someday, because he likes to run. He enjoys school trips to the library because he enjoys reading. If he could go anywhere, he said he would go to Florida, to the beach and to see alligators.

He is proud that he keeps his room clean. He also helps with sweeping the floor and washing dishes at home. His favorite holiday is Christmas. He enjoys giving and receiving presents, and having great big meals. He is quick to smile and be silly. He said clowns make him laugh. He says he would like a family that gets together to do activities- such as playing chess and football. Currently, he stays at school on campus throughout the week and is home on weekends. He seems to like this well enough. He loves to collect shoes. Nike seems to be his favorite, but he does like all different kinds. He can be funny and silly, but also thoughtful and sweet. He would be a good addition to any household.

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