Isaiah F0272

One thing I would want in a family is trust.

Tired of looking for that missing youth for you home? Well let me tell you all about Isaiah! Isaiah loves the outdoors; he is truly a country boy at heart. If you live on a farm or have animals, you’ll have Isaiah’s heart. Even better, you’ll always have some to help with those chores! If you don’t however, Isaiah does well with “city life” too. Best of both worlds; am I right?

Isaiah also enjoys most things teen boys do such as video games, listening to music and/or watching videos on YouTube. Given the choice however, he would 100% prefer to be outside. Isaiah does well in school, and easily makes friends. Isaiah has a magnetic personality and a heart of gold.

Isaiah longs for a family that understands the meaning of unconditional love and will be his biggest supporter on those best and worst of days. So click on that link, Isaiah is waiting for you!

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