Gabriel “Gabe” F0192

“A thing that makes me laugh is funny faces and funny videos.”

Gabe is a youth that can be outgoing and can present as a very engaging young man. He has a wide variety of interests and enjoys many activities. He generally prefers indoor activities and entertainment. Gabe especially enjoys cats. His favorite character is ‘Grumpy Cat’. He has “Grumpy Cat” on a blanket and has several “Grumpy Cat” stuffed animals that he uses to self-soothe when he is frustrated or angry.

Gabe loves to eat and enjoys a wide variety of food and snacks. Food is a favorite topic of conversation for him. He would describe himself as being a ‘good kid’, but often ‘lacks the self-awareness to understand how his actions affect others around him’. He indicates that he enjoys playing with friends, especially when they are building with Legos or playing with his Beyblades spinning tops, which he really enjoys. He also loves playing video games, especially Roblox. Gabe has previously participated in a therapeutic horse program and indicates that he enjoys caring for the horses and riding.

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