Meet Brazen

Do not let Brazen’s name scare you off. He is anything but brazen! He has a wonderful smile, a charming personality, and a natural curiosity about him!

Brazen desperately wants his forever family; to have a mom and dad to call his own. Brazen enjoys most typical 9-year-old activities such as playing video games, watching and playing sports, and even listening to music. His favorite thing though is anything Pokémon related. If you know anything Pokémon related, you will see his eyes light up like the 4th of July. Don’t be discouraged though, because he would also love to just have someone to pass on his Pokémon knowledge to!

Brazen does well in school overall. Brazen does get along with other children, but responds better with older youths. Brazen is searching for his forever family, someone that will love him unconditionally, and support him on his amazing journey through life.​

Are You Interested?

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