Avia E720

Avia loves crafts and making jewelry. She has an active imagination.

Avia is a beautiful young girl that enjoys receiving attention from others. She prefers to be called Clarity. She is smart and very inquisitive. Avia enjoys attending school and obtains good grades. Avia enjoys spending her free time by singing, reading and listening to rap music.

Avia loves to do crafts and loves to make jewelry. Avia enjoys playing with her baby dolls and Barbie dolls. She has an active imagination. She has an outgoing personality and displays great leadership skills.

Avia will do best in a family that has structure, patience and the knowledge of the effects of trauma on children. A two-parent family with older children allowing Avia to be the youngest child in the family would make a great family for Avia. She would love to have pets and has said she wants a dog, hamster and white rat.

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