Angelina F0050

Angelina describes herself as helpful, happy and energetic.

Angelina is a happy child. She usually greets people with a smile. She is talkative once she is comfortable in knowing someone. She likes to be active and play outside. She has a crafty side to her as well and enjoys working on various arts and crafts projects. She loves to play with animals and help care for them. Angelina describes herself as helpful, happy, and energetic. She is inquisitive and always willing to help.

Angelina is not a fan of Mexican food, but does enjoy almost all other cuisines. Pizza is her favorite. She enjoys helping in the kitchen. Angelina has stated in the past that she wants a nice family, with pets, who also has cute Halloween decorations, and do not like to make enchiladas for dinner! Angelina isn’t a picky about the type of home she lives in. She just would like lots of room to play and be able to go outside with the family pets.

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