“A good guy, and awesome, cool… I want a mom and dad to take care of me.” -Aleron

Aleron is a fun and caring 14-year-old boy who wants to be part of a family more than anything. He has a huge heart and wants a family to love and grow with. Aleron would be happy to have siblings, and maybe even pets (although not a necessity). Aleron enjoys a variety of activities, but most likes to spend time with those he cares about. He enjoys athletic activities, to include basketball, running and playing a variety of sports, although he doesn’t need to play on team. He likes participating “just for fun”. Aleron also likes to spend time outside and enjoys all that the natural world has to offer.

Aleron also enjoys playing video games and has an affinity for anime and most things associated with Japanese culture (one day he would like to visit Japan). Aleron is open to living anywhere in the United States so long as a family is loving, caring and supportive of him. He also enjoys playing with toy cars, toy tanks, army men, and a variety of other toys.

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