Ace F0357

“What a grown up is supposed to do really, is take care of the kids – friendship, love, and kindness.”

Ace is a friendly youth and is generally very easy going. He loves to spend time with family and those he has grown close to. He is generous and likes to share. He has great manners and when someone is upset, he wants to offer comfort. He likes to finish tasks and thrives with structure and routine. He is able to express his wants and needs well.

Ace describes himself as funny. He likes to joke around and be silly. He loves to play his Nintendo Switch, loves collecting cards, and loves scary movies. He likes to read books. Ace wants to be adopted. He wants a family that he loves and can remain with forever. He wants a family who loves him and lets him ride his bike and play video games. Ace needs a family who is able and willing to provide him permanency through adoption.

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