Foster Friendly Louisville

Will You Help Louisville Become Kentucky’s Most Foster Friendly Community?

In Louisville alone 567 kids are in foster care with 373 foster families licensed to care for them. Join our Foster Friendly Louisville campaign to help our community ensure:

A family for every child.

A Foster Friendly community that sees, values and supports every foster family.

Hope for our entire community.

Take Action

Join one of our upcoming foster care panels and learn

what it takes to become a licensed foster parent.

Not Everyone Is Called To Foster Or Adopt,

But We’re All Called To Care.

If you’re not in a position to serve as a foster parent right now, there still are plenty of ways you can help Louisville become Foster Friendly. Here are a few upcoming opportunities:

Add Your Business To Our Foster Friendly App

Let’s work together on an offer for your business that supports foster families.

Learn What Your Faith Community Can Do

We’ll show you how your faith community can help families foster longer and stronger!

Here Are Some Small Steps You Can Take Today.

  • Become a financial supporter. Donate now.
  • Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram and share posts from Colorado Kids Belong with your friends and family..
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