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Our state has roughly 2,700 children in the foster care system. About 300 of them are legally free and waiting to belong to a loving family. Many of these kids have been waiting for years to belong to a family.

Our goal is to film all 300 of these kids in 2021 and get them adopted. We need our community to wrap around these kids and their adoptive families.

If we find a home for every child, Utah will be the first state in the country where no child is waiting!

When kids age out of the foster system without a loving family and social support, they are significantly more likely to be homeless, experience unemployment and incarceration, PTSD, and be trafficked.


We need your help!

Email Brianna Bray for ways you, your business, your faith community, and your neighborhood can get involved and change the course of these kids lives.

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The quickest and easiest way to help these kids is to share their videos on social media. Their stories and lives need to be seen. Post to Facebook today and help them get one step closer to finding a loving home.


I Belong Project

The I Belong Project™ uses high-quality videography to give children in foster care a face and a voice. We bring together child welfare, churches, businesses, and the creatives to make these days a beautiful experience for all of the children who attend. After these videos are edited, we begin recruitment for these children who are available to be adopted and are waiting for their forever family.

Prospective Parents


Every day we meet more individuals and families who are considering taking the leap to become foster parents. We know you probably have a lot of questions and would need more answers before committing. That’s normal.

Just don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from moving forward. Contact Utah Foster Care today. They will walk you through the process, help answer any of your questions along the way, and assist you in determining if becoming a foster parent is a fit for you.



Dream Makers Project

Over 26,000 kids age out of foster care each year. These kids are asked to make a life without a family to help them. But we are never too old for a family. The Dream Makers Project helps these kids transition to adulthood. Dreams might be an internship, a practical gift, a class they need, or items for a new place to call home.

Dream Makers is fueled by businesses, groups, and individuals who want to fill these dreams and help launch these kids.

Learn more and see the dreams that are waiting to be filled in Utah at:


Brianna Bray


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Brynn Bailey


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