About South Dakota Kids Belong

South Dakota Kids Belong started in 2018, as a pilot of America’s Kids Belong. Our mission is to improve the experiences and outcomes for kids in South Dakota’s foster care system.

South Dakota Kids Belong Is A Proud Member Of The America’s Kids Belong Family.

We’re dramatically improving the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

We have 1 mission: FAMILY

We Target 2 Profound Problems

  • RECRUITMENT – Foster care has half as many foster parents as kids in care.
  • RETENTION – Half of new foster parents quit within a year.

We Offer 4 Signature Solutions

I Belong Project logo

Our I Belong Project video storytelling initiative films kids in need of adoptive families. It is the largest, most effective program of its kind that has the additional benefit of inspiring thousands of people each year to pursue adoption and fostering.

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We come alongside people ready to explore fostering and adoption to provide the inspiration and information they need to persevere in their journeys and find a way to help that is the right fit for their families now.

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Our Foster Friendly
Communities Movement and App target retention by equipping churches , businesses and entire communities to support, equip and encourage local foster families.

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Our coalition campaigns
leverage the convening authority of state governments to get businesses, faith communities and government working together to create collective and drive sustainable change in foster care.

7 Years Of Helping South Dakota Kids Find Belonging

Our South Dakota Team

South Dakota Kids Belong ED Damen Woolsey

Damen Woolsey

Executive Director

South Dakota Kids Belong - Krist Woolsey State Wrap Director

Kristi Woolsey

Social Media Specialist

South Dakota Kids Belong - Kate Thompson Operations Manager

Kate Thompson

Operations Manager

South Dakota Kids Belong Carly Winterstein Project Manager

Carly Winterstein

Project Manager

South Dakota Kids Belong Catlin Young Region 1 Community Catalyst

Catlin Young

Region 1 Community Catalyst

Jenn Eekhoff

Jenn Eekhoff

State Wrap Director