How We Work To Create Sustainable Change In Foster Care In Georgia

Georgia Kids Belong is helping drive sustainable change in foster care by forging a coalition for change with child welfare and valued strategic partners, such as businesses, faith communities, government leaders, and other nonprofits.  

It is certainly helpful when any one business offers a discount to foster families or when one faith community supports their kinship and foster families. But it is only when we combine our unique capabilities, that momentum builds and significant, sustainable change can take place. 

We’re committed to bringing hope to communities across our state by connecting and collaborating across sectors to dramatically improve the experiences and outcomes of kids in foster care. It’s a big vision that we are committed to bringing to reality in Georgia – and across the country – as part of the America’s Kids Belong family.

If you have a platform and heart for vulnerable children, are working in the foster care space, have a business you’d like to utilize to help, and/or work in the government sphere, we’d love to connect. 

Sustainable Change

If you are working in this space, if you’re an elected official, if you have a platform and heart for vulnerable kids, we’d love to connect.