About California Kids Belong

California Kids Belong started in 2020 as a pilot of America’s Kids Belong. Our mission is to improve the experiences and outcomes for kids in California’s foster care system.

Our programs include:

Family Recruitment

I Belong Project

Our flagship video storytelling project gives a face and voice to kids in foster care who are legally free to be adopted and helps connect them with prospective adoptive families and forever homes.

Community Engagement

Foster Friendly Businesses

Through our innovative Foster Friendly App area businesses can lend valuable community support to kinship and foster parents by creating an offer or services to lend valuable support as they care for kids.

Sustainable Change

Foster Friendly Faith Communities

Our Foster Friendly App also helps families locate faith communities that are welcoming and supportive of kinship and foster families, not just in California, but nationwide.

Meet Our Team

Connie Lannom

Connie Lannom

Pilot Manager

Steven Draeger

Steven Draeger

Videographer, I Belong Project