Zenneth, Zaylen, and Zayden

“I like family because they take care of you and then you can go places and go to restaurants.”

– Zaylen

Meet 11 year-old Zenneth, and 8 year-old twins Zaylen and Zayden! These brothers would do best in a two parent home with a calmer environment.

Zenneth has always been pretty quiet, but has become more talkative and friendly in the past few months. When he’s in a great mood, he will smile and talk your ears off! He is in 5th grade and he likes school. Zenneth likes sports, especially basketball, football, and soccer. He has been on football and basketball teams in the past. This year he has decided not to be on the football team, but is looking forward to being on the basketball team. In the past he also danced at the school Pow Wow. Zenneth also enjoys being outdoors and video games. He would play them all day if allowed!

Zaylen is an energetic boy can be described as happy and kind. He always has a smile on his face! He loves adult attention and likes to please those around him. He can be warm and loving and enjoys getting hugs. He is great at telling jokes as well. Zaylen is in the 2nd grade and enjoys school most of the time. He says he does best at math. He enjoys being outdoors, running around, and jumping on the trampoline. He especially enjoys playing with his twin brother.

Zayden is happy, jovial, and a real outdoors kind of boy. He is quite a jokester as well and likes to tell jokes and stories. Zayden enjoys riding bikes, and jumping on the trampoline with the neighborhood boys. He also enjoys going fishing and boating with his foster family. He is an animal lover of both dogs and cats. Zayden is in 2nd grade and does fairly well in school. Zayden loves adult attention and would like a family where he could be with his older brother Zenneth and his twin brother Zaylen.

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