Meet Zeke

Zeke is an active and athletic teen with an outgoing fun personality! He makes friends wherever he goes, but doesn’t shirk his academics for his social life — he recently earned a spot on the honor roll! Basketball and football are Zeke’s favorite sports, but he’s also pretty good at bowling…and soccer…and swimming. Pretty much all the sports!

Zeke’s favorite thing about himself is his hoops-shooting ability. Some other favorite things? Ice cream, sushi, the color blue, and fashion (especially hats). Those are all favorites we can support! Zeke describes himself as funny, and he really is — combine that sense of humor with his enthusiastic personality, and you’ve got a really great teen! If Zeke could be granted a few wishes, he’d like to have his own bedroom, to visit Bulgaria, and to have a good family that really wants him.

Zeke needs active, energetic parents who enjoy doing things together as a family. He would do best as the only child in a two-parent household where he can receive plenty of attention and support. Zeke will thrive in a family where he is shown every day that he is wanted and loved unconditionally. He would benefit from a male mentor as he grows into young adulthood. Parents who can maintain clear and consistent expectations would be ideal. Zeke has a brother with whom he is very close, so interested families should be committed to cultivating their sibling relationship over time. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.


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