Meet Xavier

Xavier is a friendly and thoughtful young man who cares about others and is quick to lend a helping hand! He really enjoys helping in the kitchen, so if you have a new recipe you want to try, Xavier will definitely assist in cooking up a great meal. Plus, he’s a pretty adventurous eater, and willing to try anything once!

He enjoys outlets where he can express his creativity, especially drawing and origami. Xavier also really loves animals, and would be thrilled to have a family that comes with dogs (more specifically, a Corgi or a German Shepherd). He’d love to live in the country with lots of yard to run and play with the dogs.
Xavier would do well in a two-parent or single-parent home with support. He is very interested in being part of an adoptive family, and hopes for parents who enjoy spending time together and doing activities with their children. His ideal parents would also be open-minded and not judgmental. Xavier would benefit from a home with unconditional love and affection, individual attention, and a structured, consistent routine. He needs adoptive parents who will make a forever commitment to him, and who can demonstrate an abundance of patience as he grows into young adulthood.

Xavier has a brother with whom he has a strong relationship, so the adoptive family will need to be committed to maintaining their connection. Interested families should understand how trauma can impact a child over time, and be familiar with or willing to engage in training focused on attachment and trauma-informed parenting.


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