Woodrow VA01321465

“My friends would say that I’m funny, responsible, respectful and polite.”

Woodrow is ready and open to finding a family home placement! This 13 year old young man has a quirky personality and has “jokes for days.” Woodrow loves sports and made the school basketball team this past spring. He also enjoys playing football and drawing. Woodrow likes being outdoors and enjoys keeping busy. Although shy at first, Woodrow is comfortable with people once he gets used to them and will open up. Getting to know people makes him happy. He loves being creative and says “I’m good at talking and just being me.”

Woodrow enjoys helping other people and if given one wish, it would be to be like Hercules or Thor – with powers to save other people’s lives. For Woodrow, family means love and respect, and he is looking for a family who is caring, loving, and cheerful with parents who are just cool being themselves. Woodrow is a very special young man who will be an amazing addition to someone’s family. Could that family be yours?

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