Meet Winston, Lanston, & Maxton

Winston is an eight year old boy with a big smile and loving personality. He loves meeting new people and learning new things. Winston enjoys anything Thomas the Train, watching movies, and playing at the park. He is always laughing and giving hugs. He also enjoys interacting with others and shows no hesitation to jump into new activities. Winston’s favorite food is pizza, but he lets everyone know that chicken nuggets from McDonalds are the best, too!

Lanston is a six year old boy with an endless amount of energy and charm. Lanston shows a lot of curiosity and willingness to learn. He enjoys wrestling, playing games, and running. He also loves anything related to cars and trucks, especially Hot Wheels! Lanston can have negative behaviors at times, but this is often seen when he has trouble processing the way he is feeling. Lanston is working on communicating, learning how to identify new emotions and ways of expressing himself each day.

Maxton is a three year old boy full of spunk and a bright personality. Maxton loves to be the boss, often being the center of attention and loving every minute of it. Maxton enjoys playing with toys, snuggling, and watching movies. He is very strong-willed and enjoys being independent, trying to accomplish tasks on his own. Maxton is learning new communication skills each day and is easy to understand when speaking.


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