Winston, Lanston, and Maxton

“Grown-ups are supposed to keep us safe and love us.” -Winston

Winston is a ten year old boy with a big smile and loving personality. He loves being able to meet new people and learn new things. Winston is in fourth grade and really enjoys school, especially when it comes to math! Winston enjoys anything Thomas the Train and Sonic. He also loves to watch movies and play outside. He is always laughing, giving hugs, and he shows no hesitation to jump into new activities. One of Winston’s favorite foods is pizza, but chicken nuggets from McDonalds hold a close second. Winston would thrive in different family environments, just as long as patience and structure are present.

Lanston is an eight year old boy filled with humor and charm. He shows a lot of curiosity and willingness to learn, wanting to be included in as much stuff as possible. Lanston is currently in second grade, soaking in new information every day! He enjoys so many different things that includes wrestling and playing games. Lanston is also very creative, loving to draw different characters from his favorite comic books and television shows. He continues to make big strides with his communication and is so receptive and smart! Lanston would thrive with a family that motivates and encourages him to continue doing what he loves each day!

Maxton is a five year old boy full of spunk and endless amounts of energy. Maxton is always moving, wanting to play outside and do as many activities as possible. He loves to be the boss, often being the center of attention and loving every minute of it! Maxton enjoys Sonic, playing at the park, and spending as much time as he can with his brothers. He is very strong-willed and enjoys being independent, trying to accomplish tasks on his own. Maxton will need a family that lifts him up and supports his endeavors, meeting his wonder for the world. 

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