William – TN01-11493500

William is very social and freely admits that he enjoys talking a lot and meeting new people.

William dreams of having parents and a family to call his own. He enjoys being active and being outdoors when he can. William is very social and freely admits that he enjoys talking a lot and meeting new people. He also enjoys spending time together as a family. As a growing teenager, William wants the opportunity to be independent (with boundaries, of course). He would like to have the simple pleasures of a typical teenage life, such as getting a part time job and learning how to drive so that he can get a driver’s license. William enjoys playing video games, hanging out with friends, and listening to hip hop and classic rock music of the 80’s era. William’s favorite television show is The Umbrella Academy. He also enjoys watching action movies, especially movies that are based on history. William enjoys attending most sporting events and watching soccer on TV, too. In addition to history-based action movies, William is also a fan of historical war documentaries. He just LOVES history in general. William also loves technology and has a strong technological aptitude. During quiet time, he enjoys reading and doing puzzle mazes. William is extremely intelligent and has the capacity to do very well in the educational setting. Reading is a primary tool that William uses to help him relieve stress. Education is also very important to William, and he is open to a lot of ideas of about what he wants to do when he grows up. He does know that after high school, he wants to attend a good college and obtain a business license to start up his own business. He dreams of being an entrepreneur. William also feels like working in the field of history (such as being a history teacher) would be a good fit for him. If you enjoy history, sports, action movies, and just having a good time, then William might the perfect match for you!

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