Meet Will "Azari"

Meet Will who prefers to go by the name Azari. Azari has just a couple of wishes, one, she wishes for a family who would accept her for who she is. Two, she wishes to become an entrepreneur. Azari takes pride in her personal appearance, she enjoys wearing makeup and loves to polish her nails. Azari takes delight in working within the community helping others by volunteering. Azari’s ideal vacation spot is Louisville, KY. She would love to live in Louisville or Northern Kentucky. Her favorite school subject is junior psychology, where she enjoys learning about human interactions.

Azari loves cooking and is always willing to lend a helping hand to prepare a meal. Azari hopes that her adoptive family would be willing take her to Pride Festival and assist her in finding a volunteer job as well as join her in participating in community involvement activities. Azari does not care for or enjoy sports or hypocrites, lol. She loves cats, dogs, and chickens. Her favorite month is June as it is Pride Month, with Christmas her favorite holiday. Azari enjoys attending church services, going shopping for awesome clothes and various necessities such as makeup, jewelry, nail polish, high heel shoes, and wigs.

Azari would very much love a family who welcomes diversity and who is understanding and accepting of her values. She would love to become a part of a family where she would have siblings that she could interact and engage with and develop a relationship.


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