Meet Wakinya

This endearing young gentleman is Wakinya. He is 10 years old and will be in the 5th grade for the 2019-2020 school year.

Wakinya has a kind and gentle personality, he enjoys meeting new people, and he describes himself as creative, a hard worker, quiet, honest, strong, and talented. Wakinya enjoys activities such as playing cards, family board games, and he has a vivid imagination.

Wakinya is inquisitive and does well in school. His favorite subject is reading. Other interests include lacrosse, video games, and lately designing paper airplanes. Wakinya can light up and chat your ear off but also enjoys his alone time and can keep himself entertained.

Interested families must also be willing to travel to South Dakota for pre-placement visits in order to get to know Wakinya.

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