Wakinya, Hoka & Derrick

Wakina takes pride in being a strong example for his younger brothers.

Wakinya, Hoka, and Derrick have great senses of humor, good attitudes toward school, and share common interests in sports, arts, and video games.

Wakinya, age 15, enjoys playing basketball and listening to music (rap!). He aspires to play in the NBA and takes his athletics seriously, setting goals for himself and practicing his skills. Wakinya takes pride in being a strong example for his younger brothers. He is sensitive, kind, and family-oriented.

Hoka, age 13, has interests in sports, anime, friends, and social media. He has a talent for drawing—his sketchbooks are impressive! Hoka is smart, ambitious, creative, thoughtful, and he too takes pride in being a helpful and positive role model. Hoka is good at expressing his thoughts and feelings.

Derrick, age 12, has interests in football, basketball, and boxing. He enjoys riding his bike and keeping up with his brothers. Derrick is outgoing, endearing, playful, and he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Wakinya, Hoka, and Derrick need a family that will embrace their energy, support their interests, and parent them with safety and love. They would do well with or without other children in the home, they have a love for dogs, and while they hope to be adopted to a family in or close to their community, any interested family should be willing to help maintain their connections. The future is bright for this trio of closely bonded brothers! Could you be the family for Wakinya, Hoka, and Derrick?

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