Meet Victoria

My name is Victoria. I am created by God. I am really, really creative and able to draw and sing. My family called me the Christmas baby because my birthday is around Christmas. My favorite colors are any color except black and grey. I love all animals especially the ones that get killed a lot like centipedes, lions, tigers, and any animal that is extinct or in danger. I really like horses a lot especially black horses. Watching movies and eating candy (any kind of candy) is a special treat. I want to grow up to become a zoologist. I like to care for people and I always respect their feelings. I like to be helpful.
I don’t like banana peels because you can trip and fall on them. My favorite foods are fried chicken, bread, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, green beans, and cornbread.
I like reading books and being calm. I like taking naps if I am tired during the day. I like having fun.

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