Victoria “Tori” F0060

“I want to belong in a family because I’ve never really had that experience of being in a family that has all the positive traits that a family should have.”

Let us introduce you to Victoria “Tori”! Tori is a very happy and cheerful young lady. Tori laughs a lot and has a great personality. Tori loves to be involved in activities and enjoys being in Girl Scouts. Tori loves all animals and would like to have a pet of her own.

Tori likes to go shopping, and enjoys music, dancing, and would like to get involved in cheerleading or basketball. She enjoys being around other peers and makes friends pretty easily. Tori also enjoys going to church and participating in family activities. Tori likes to be active and doing things outside like swimming and taking walks. 

Tori would do great with a big family or a small family as long as she is getting some one on one attention at times. Tori is excited about being adopted and wants to be part of a loving family!

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