Meet Tylor and Elijah

Being outdoors and staying active are what brothers Tylor and Elijah love to do. They are bonded brothers who enjoy spending time together.

Older of the two is Tylor, he is characterized as curious about the world around him. He loves animals and nature. In school Tylor enjoys his science the most as he says he is good at and likes learning different facts about animals. When he grows up he wants to be a scientist. Tylor is proud of working hard in school.

Younger brother Elijah is into sports, he especially loves football and baseball. He recently hit a grand slam in a recent baseball game in fact. In his downtime Elijah likes watching football on television. In school his favorite class is PE as he likes to be active. When Elijah grows up he wants to be a professional football player.

Both boys need a strong and committed family who will love them and always be there for them, no matter what. A family that can offer lots of structure, guidance and stability is ideal.


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