Tyler F0033

“What I hope for in a family is basically a chill family because I like to chill, you know, have fun.”

If you like conversation, then Tyler will not let you down! Tyler is energetic, and full of endless conversations waiting to be had. Tyler is a handsome young man, who has a great sense of humor that will have you laughing until you are red in the face! Tyler enjoys being the center of attention and entertainment in most situations.

Tyler talks about soccer being his favorite sport, but he has not had an opportunity to be part of a team yet. The outdoors are a special haven for Tyler and he can find joy in just running or jumping around. Tyler is said to do well with positive redirection and when given positive choice options. Tyler can be affectionate but is selective with whom he shares this affection. Tyler is technologically savvy and enjoys watching TV and playing video games. But do not let that fool you! Tyler wants a family that is active and not afraid of adventure. Tyler’s preference is to have a mom and dad.

Tyler’s loves drawing, and engaging in imaginative play. Tyler is an avid reader and enjoys the escape of a good story! Tyler also has been writing songs that have helped him express his feelings and is quite good at song writing. Tyler is an As and Bs student! Tyler would like to attend University of Kentucky or Western Kentucky University upon graduating from high school. He is interested in studying accounting or becoming a police officer. Tyler is completely capable of realizing these goals!

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