Meet Trey

Trey is an energetic young man with lots of potential. He loves playing sports, especially football and basketball. Trey would like the opportunity to play on a team. He has a competitive spirit and likes to stay active.

When asked what his hopes are for the future, he said he wants to be “an NFL football player and if that doesn’t work out I would like to be a welder.” If he makes it to the pros, he wants to donate money to foster care.

Trey is intelligent and has an active imagination. His favorite class in school is social studies. He also loves video games. His favorite video games are Lego Marvel’s Avengers or football games. Trey’s favorite animal is a dog, specifically a German Shepard.

Want to make him dinner? He will ask for pizza. Want to give him a special treat? He loves cinnamon rolls and vanilla ice cream!

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