Trevor, Thomas, and Mary Ann

“I’m happy when someone gives me a hug.” – Trevor

Trevor is a seven year-old boy with such a bright personality. He is active and has a big imagination, loving to play games and wrestle. Trevor enjoys Legos, Batman, and doing hands-on activities. He has a strong attachment to his siblings, especially his little brother! Trevor has a big sense of humor and shows strong resiliency.

Thomas (Tommy) is a six year-old boy with such an adventurous mindset. He’s often linked at the hip with Trevor, and is always wanting to be helpful. Tommy is creative as well, loving to do different experiments and fun things! He’s equally as resilient as his siblings, with the sweetest eyes and smile around.

Mary Ann is a five year-old girl full of spunk and laughter. She enjoys so many different things, including reading books, baby dolls, playing games, and animals.. Mary Ann is incredibly inquisitive and smart, characterized as a “sponge” with her learning and communication skills. She is full of smiles and loves to interact with others!

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