Timothy, Mason, Shyenna & Riley

Timothy is described as a caring young man and a great big brother. Timothy enjoys playing video games and playing with his Army vehicles and men. Timothy talks frequently about joining the Army when he graduates high school. Timothy also enjoys helping around the house by helping build things or maintaining the lawn. He currently is looking forward to learning how to drive the riding lawn mower. Timothy has tried out for the baseball team and is looking forward to being on the team. When asked what he is looking for in a family, Timothy stated that he would like two parents who are active with him and his siblings. Timothy would thrive in a family that is active and who can provide structure.

Mason is described as a smart young man that can figure anything out. He takes being a big brother seriously and takes initiative in guiding his younger siblings. Mason enjoys playing video games with his brother and working outside helping with lawn care as well as other outdoor projects. Mason enjoys being included with the adults in his life and doing things with them. Mason is also trying out for school sports for the first time this year. He is so excited be part of a group and try a new activity. Mason would do well in a structured home with active parents who will encourage him to try new things.

Riley is a techie kid that is described as the sweetest young man that will melt your heart when you meet him. He is into all things technology and hopes to pursue a career in making apps and developing video games. Riley and his brothers play video games together, and this is something they have always bonded over. Riley is very close to his siblings. He enjoys playing sports and is excited to try out for the teams at school. Riley would do well with structured family that is active and willing to support him in his long-term goals.

Shyanne is an active, talkative, and loving young lady with a heart for helping others. Shyanne is your typical girlie girl. She loves to play dress up, dance and sing. Shyanne is very social and enjoys making new friends. She enjoys going to school. She has dreams of becoming a nurse and helping others. Shyanne loves all animals, but cats are her favorite. When asked what she wanted in a family, Shyanne stated they need to have a cat. Shyanne would thrive in a structured home with parents who are active and willing to meet Shyanne where she is.

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