Timberly LAC1065

Timberly is talkative, insightful and gets along with her peers.

We’re giving a shout out for Timberly, a friendly and engaging teen in need of a forever family!

Timberly (b. November 2004) is talkative, insightful and gets along with her peers. She also likes animals, especially dogs. She likes most home-cooked meals and the occasional trip to her favorite fast-food places, but Timberly’s favorite food is Thai!

She enjoys drawing to pass the time and loves listening to music, specifically finding heavy metal music as a good escape. Timberly considers herself as adventurous and would like to travel the world one day.

School was not a main focus for Timberly before, but she’s been working hard to do well in her academic progress and get all of her credits in order to graduate high school. She has special interest in forensic sciences and the culinary arts, and would like to pursue a career in either field when she’s finished with high school. Timberly participates in therapy and has made steady progress, partly because she enjoys it. Timberly does not identify with any particular religion and is open to any family dynamic, but it is important for her to stay in California.

If you would like to provide Timberly with permanency and help support her as she explores future endeavors, give us a holler – we’re waiting to hear from you!

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