Meet Thomas & Desmond

Desmond is observed to be open, close with his brother, playful and happy. He was observed to be less talkative than Thomas, but also seems younger than his age. Desmond’s interests include playing fortnite, race car games, basketball, and running in the backyard.

His favorite subject at school is math and his favorite foods include burritos, tacos and ice cream sandwiches. Desmond enjoys watching anime, drawing anime, and his favorite colors are black and orange. When asked who he loves, Desmond said his brother. He desires to be a policeman when he grows up.

Thomas is observed to be talkative, engaging, friendly and optimistic. He is eager to get involved in more activity with peers and to be more physically active. Thomas seems a little younger than his age and can be quite charming. Thomas’ interests include skateboarding, biking, climbing rocks and trees, and sports. He enjoys watching Anime, Spygear and specifically loves the characters Cosmo & Victor. Thomas wants to be a famous Youtuber who makes videos of “life hacks” and “challenges”.

His favorite foods include hot dogs, spaghetti and hot Cheetos and his favorite subjects in school include math and science and states “spelling is hard”. When asked who he loves, he said his brother and Kobe Bryant. Thomas has a favorite Lakers sweatshirt representing his love for Kobe Bryant. Currently, Thomas misses his friends at school and is so sad thinking about not seeing them or being at a different school.

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