Tessa E947

Tessa loves to dance and sing and enjoys visits to the local humane society.

Tessa is a 15 year old female. Tessa is always happy and loves to laugh. Tessa loves kitty cats and loves to be around animals. Tessa is very active throughout the day. Tessa gets along great with her peers and attaches very well to adults in her life. Tessa loves playing on her tablet and phone.

Tessa also loves to dance and sing and will do that for hours if you allow her. Tessa is loving and will initiate hugs with you after she knows you. Tessa enjoys outings to the local humane society. Tessa also enjoys the pool in the summer and going on outings to various places.​

Jade is described as sweet, but shy when she first meets people. Jade loves to be goofy and has a great sense of humor. She loves singing and has been told she has a beautiful voice! She also loves soccer and is very proud of how much she has improved with all of her practicing! These siblings would love an opportunity to find permanency together in a loving home.

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