Tenelle 7926

Tenelle is a caring person who can easily make friends.

Tenelle loves to spend his free time playing outside. While outside, he likes to take a ride on his bike or shoot some hoops with a basketball. Others would describe Tenelle as a caring person who can easily make friends. Tenelle enjoys helping other people. While he is still unsure of exactly what he wants to be in the future, for now Tenelle has decided he might want to work in childcare or work in construction. Tenelle’s favorite things about school are recess and math. If you want to get Tenelle to laugh, just put on some funny cartoons and laugh along with him. He is working on learning more independent skills. Tenelle is looking for a “no matter what” family who can advocate for his needs and help him develop skills he will need to succeed as an adult. Tenelle will require extra support to understand and put learned skills into place as he gets older. Tenelle would love to have a dog or other pets in the home.

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