“I would like to be in a family that likes to play sports.”


Tate is a caring and sweet 14 year-old boy who is in the 8th grade. He enjoys learning about new and exciting topics. Tate is very athletic (he can play almost any sport), but basketball is his favorite. He is a big fan of Kyrie Irving. He is shy at first, but once he is comfortable around new people his fun personality really shows.Tate loves dogs, spending time outside, and doing crafts. Tate currently has a job doing different cleaning and office tasks which he really enjoys.

A family for Tate would need to be very patient with him and help him navigate a new family setting. The ideal family for Tate would have no other children or only children who are older. Tate has siblings and extended family in South Dakota, and those connections would need to be maintained to some degree.

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