Meet Tasha

Tasha is always looking out for those around her! She is open, honest, and likes talking to other children and helping them work through tough times. She is very crafty and can usually be found working on different art projects. Tasha is a huge Harry Potter fan and has seen all of the movies multiple times! She likes to stay active and some of her favorite activities are playing volleyball or dancing; she’s also thrilled to get to spend time outdoors. She enjoys that country living and a nice relaxing day spent camping and fishing. If she had three wishes, she’d want a family, more friends, and a job. Her plan for her future right now is to use some of that creative spirit and become a cosmetologist!

Tasha would thrive in either a one-parent or two-parent home, but at least one of the parents needs to be female. She would do well with other children in the home, but only sisters, and she interacts well with older children. She would prefer to live in the country, or at least somewhere that her family can have animals. She would especially love if there were horses or kittens – those are her favorites! Tasha needs firm, consistent boundaries and a family that sticks to what it says. She will require time to bond with her forever family so patience is important. She would love a family that takes the time to do activities together, like various arts and crafts. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.


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