Meet Tanyah

Tanyah is a young lady who dreams of having a fancy Sweet Sixteen birthday party and a loving family. She is a fun and articulate teenager with great self-awareness. She loves to cook and try new foods. Her favorite recipes include waffles and shepherd’s pie. Her all- time favorite restaurant is Waffle House.

Tanyah enjoys listening to music. Her taste in music varies and includes Country, Christian and Hip-Hop. Tanyah enjoys school and would like to participate in school clubs and sports. She is interested in drama club, choir, and tennis. Tanyah loves watching cartoons and animated movies. She also likes reading comic books.

Tanyah has aspirations of becoming a cosmetologist one day, and she dreams of being able to travel and see new places. Tanyah would like a forever family that will let her hang out with her friends and help her become more independent.

Are You Interested?

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